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Application Process

Application processes

Create embeddable application processes for all kind of financing products without any coding required. Application processes can be fully customized to your needs, hence there's no limitations for your ideas!

You can include your own credit scoring, KYC or AML checks in the process or use Rahoo's service providors. Rahoo has a native support for all in-process integrations.

You can continuosly optimize your application processes, thanks to our real-time funnel analytics and other tools.

APIs and Integrations

APIs and Integrations

Would you like to have unlimited integrations through one service providor? Rahoo is the only platform you need. Have unlimited integrations with loan brokerages, other partners and service providors – without any coding required.

Rahoo's integration tools provide you and your partners an option to develop, test and finish native integrations quickly. Also our dedicated integration is always there for your support.

You can also build thousands of integrations for Rahoo with the no-code integration platform Zapier.

Automatic Offers

Automatic Offers

When application volumes are high and your partner network is growing rapidly, you may need a helping hand.

Rahoo's automatic offer engine gives you an option to create offer templates and use preset criterions. Once the customer meets your criterions, offer is automatically sent.

You can easily choose which data sources you want to use. Applicant's answers, your own credit scoring tools or external credit scoring tools. Rahoo's full integration capability brings all data sources easily available.

Partner Management

Partner Management

Spending too much time and effort on the partner management? Rahoo is your resource saving ally.

Add partners within 1 minute and grant instant access into your embeddable application processes. Track and monitor your partner performance, even on the session level. Determine the commission level and Rahoo calculates all the commissions automatically.

Rahoo is next level of partner marketing.

Partner On-Boarding


We all know that it is sometimes unprofitable to launch newpartnerships, when calculating resources spent on on-boarding.

With the Rahoo Platform every partnership is an opportunity. We provide you your own sign-up process for your partners, which can be easily embedded on your website.

Partners can join your partner marketing program and get an instant access to your embeddable application processes. Enjoy 100 % self-service and start attracting new partners!

Partner Portal

Partner Portal

Monthly reporting - we all hate that! With Rahoo you can easily get rid of manual reporting tasks.

You can provide your partners an access to your partner portal, where they can see real-time reports about their performance and commissions accumulated.

Partners can also see your available embedded finance solutions and implement solutions with just a one script. On top of that, you can give your partners an option to whitelabel your embedded finance solutions.

And everything is fully automated. From start to finish.

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