Embedded Finance

Embedded finance is the beginning of a new era

Embedded finance is a game-changing shift in the financial industry that seamlessly integrates products and services into the customer experience, creating a more streamlined and convenient process.


Embedded finance is disrupting the world of finance

Embedded finance is a multi-billion-euro market, which is growing minute by minute. But what is embedded finance?

Embedded finance means that non-financial businesses are becoming part of the financing process. They embed financing as part of their service, like website or mobile app. Financing is typically offered by a bank or financing company.

Embedding finance can help non-financial businesses to sell more their own products or services, generate extra revenue in terms of commissions and increase customer relationships.


Everyone is becoming a part of the lending process

Embedded finance is a game-changer for non-financial businesses. Whether you offer consumer loans, business loans, credit lines, credit cards, or invoice financing, there are no limits to the products you can embed.

With high demand for every type of product, you can offer your customers state-of-the-art application processes, whitelabeled applications, and advanced buy-now-pay-later solutions.

By embracing embedded finance, you can gain a significant competitive advantage. Actively launching new products through embedded finance will create endless customer acquisition opportunities.

With Rahoo, you can unlock the full potential of embedded finance and take your business to new heights.

Your opportunity

Revolutionize your business with Rahoo

With Rahoo, you can quickly and easily launch your own embedded finance products, unlocking new customer acquisition channels and disrupting the market.

Our no-code platform empowers you to build and manage your own partner ecosystem, without any need for coding or process changes.Rahoo seamlessly integrates with all CRM systems, providing you with full integration capabilities.

So why not take advantage of this multi-billion-euro market and launch your own embedded finance products with Rahoo?

Case Study

Other financial services are already in the embedded finance game

Finland's biggest loan brokerage Omalaina used Rahoo to build a partner ecosystem for their business loan product.

We got plenty of new tools for our partner marketing, but didn’t have to make any changes into our existing processes.

Rahoo was very intuitive and easy to use – adding new partners happened instantly as promised! Partners were also to able whitelabel their embedded finance apps by themselves, which was a real timesaver and an outstanding feature.

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Heikki Mäenpää
COO, Omalaina (Part of Sambla Group)
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Contact sales to get started with Rahoo

Getting started with embedded finance is reasy.

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Get started quickly

You don't need any IT-resources to get started with Rahoo. We will setup everything for you.

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Result-based pricing

Our pricing focuses on you getting results. Our monthly pricing is attached to the results you get.

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