Smooth financing. Smooth life.

We believe that financing should be a seamless extension of everyday life. Our mission is to bring effortless financial solutions to where the people are, transforming the necessity of financing into an intuitive, unnoticeable part of daily interactions.

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Our mission: financing at your fingertips

Our approach is straightforward. We help integrating financial services within the platforms and channels the customers already use and trust.

From the moment when customer considers a purchase at a car dealership, while browsing an online store, or when managing their business's finances through accounting software, we ensure that financing is a click away.

This reduces financial institutions need for extensive marketing, allowing them to offer more affordable financing options.

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our solutions

We pave the way to a future where financing is no longer a hurdle, but a smooth step in your life's journey

We're not just providing a service—we're enhancing every transaction where financing plays a role. Rahoo is setting a new standard for financial services, one where getting financing is as easy and natural as your daily coffee run.

A Message from our CEO

Our CEO has been marketing financial services, and has been trying to find financing for him and his company.

“This is the platform I needed, when I was working as a chief marketing officer in finance”

When I worked as chief marketing officer in finance, I struggled with two things: high customer acquisition costs and sufficient IT resources to streamline customer acquisition. Solving this problem for another marketers out there has always been our top priority together with building easier pathways to finance.

Taneli Hulkko
CEO, Co-Founder of Rahoo
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