About us

About Rahoo

Rahoo is on a mission to empower easier pathways for financing and improve access to finance all around the world.

About Our Company - Starthub X Webflow Template
About Our Company - Starthub X Webflow Template
Our story

Enabling easier pathways to finance worldwide

Rahoo was founded out of a desire to improve the access to finance. The World Bank has stated that SMEs access to finance is one of the key constraints to SME growth, and for the economical growth. Also the consumer financing has it's own problems.

In our previous FinTech jobs, we definately saw how many consumers and businesses struggle finding financing, even though at the same time financial services spent huge amounts on big marketing channels.

Soon we came up with the innovative technological solution, which began to revolutionize the financing industry.

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Our mission

Connecting all the dots on the financial market

Rahoo helps financial services to build partner ecosystems, where partners and other financial services are seamlessly connected with each others.

Technology allows financial services to utilize partners and embed financing apps directly where the need, lowering the marketing costs and offering the best user experience.

Technology also allows financial services to work together. If application is rejected, the application can be automatically forwarded to other financial services – with customer's approval.

Ultimately connecting all the dots on the financial market leads into the better world of financing.

Our values

The values that shape everything we do

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Ecosystem thinking

We are ecosystem lovers. We believe that customers, partners and financial services should be seamlessly connected to make the financing more accessible and profitable for all parties.

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Data Privacy

We don't like how big marketing channels collect customer data just to make more money. We wan't to make the data sharing just a contract between the customer and the financial service.

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Economical Growth

We honestely believe that the better access to finance increases economical growth. Faster time to get financing and lower marketing costs ultimately lead into better and cheaper products.

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