Supercharge your
partner sales with embedded finance

Launch embedded sales partnerships without any coding required. Receive more applications, increase conversion rates and attract new sales partners.

Rahoo Platform

Revolutionize your customer acquisition using Rahoo

Build your own embeddable application processes without any coding required

Boost your sales and enhance customer satisfaction by embedding financing options directly into your partner's services. The seamless integration improves conversion rates and helps you attract new customers while enhancing the overall user experience. Say goodbye to missed sales and hello to growth with our proven embedded finance solutions!

High-conversion rate for all use cases
Fully customizable layout
Supports all integrations
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Place your application process on any partner site or app instantly

Eliminate partner onboarding delays with Rahoo. Our easy-to-use solution allows you to integrate your application process on any partner site or app in just one minute, without any coding required. Maximize your potential for partner sales and drive growth for your business with our hassle-free application integration.

Launch new partnerships in minutes
Compatible with all websites, platforms and apps
Includes also stand-alone versions and API

Experience effortless partner onboarding, reporting, and whitelabeling

Your future sales partners can easily sign up and embed your financing products as part of their service, with no resources required from you. Plus, your partners will gain access to your partner portal for convenient reporting and whitelabeling of your solutions.

Real-time data for you and your sales partners
100 % accurate tracking method
Self-service whitelabeling
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Why Rahoo

Experience the future of finance without spending IT resources

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More customer acquisition channels

Reach new customer segments and achieve better application volumes by discovering new sales channels.

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Outstanding user erxperience

Create seamlessly integrated and convenient user experience for all customers, resulting higher conversion rates.

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Less marketing spend

Reduce your customer acquisition costs by leveraging your partners existing relationships.

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Full ownership of the data

Gain valuable data-driven insights into customer behavior and enjoy the full ownership of the data.

Customer Story

Other financial services are already achieving great results with Rahoo

Finland's biggest loan brokerage Omalaina used Rahoo to build a sales partner ecosystem for their business loan product.

We got plenty of new tools for our partner marketing, but didn’t have to make any changes into our existing processes.

Rahoo was very intuitive and easy to use – adding new partners happened instantly as promised! Partners were also to able whitelabel their embedded finance apps by themselves, which was a real timesaver and an outstanding feature.

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Heikki Mäenpää
COO, Omalaina (Part of Sambla Group)
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