Enhance your distribution channels in finance

Effortlessly create embeddable application processes to kickstart profitable sales partnerships and enhance your distribution channels. Our solution seamlessly integrates your financing options within any service, improving the user experience and boosting conversions by more than 30%.

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Financing small B2C online purchases is straightforward, but everything else in financing isn't

We simplify the complex financing landscape by expanding the familiar embedded finance user experience to larger financing amounts and to new product verticals.

Rahoo is on a mission to improve financial accessibility by helping banks and lenders to bring their products directly available on every sales channel with a customer and sales partner friendly approach.

This is how it works

An all-in-one platform for building embedded finance solutions and managing partnerships.


Embed the application process

Either you or your sales partner can embed the application process on the website without any coding knowledge. The application process can be fully personalized for both the partner and the product.


Customer completes the application

The customer completes your application process directly on the partner’s service. Seamless embedding ensures a smooth user experience and a high conversion rate.


Customer receives your offer

We recommend presenting the offer instantly after the application is submitted. The offer can be retrieved from your API, or it can be generated automatically using versatile scoring methods.


Customer completes your onboarding

After accepting the offer, the customer proceeds to your onboarding flow to finalize the contract with you. The onboarding flow is fully customizable to best suit your use case.

Embedded finance is a game-changer

The embedded financing market, presently valued at $66.2 billion worldwide, is anticipated to experience a remarkable surge, reaching an estimated worth of $622.9 billion by 2032.

The future is frictionless

Fundamental change in the provision of financial services continue to expand and accelerate, and in turn, taking a wait-and-see mode is not a viable option.

Jochen Kaempfer
Principal, Strategy and Transactions, Payments and Banking, EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young LLP
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