Brokering Applications

Easily partner with other financial services.

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with financing partners

Financial services reject a big share of the received the applications, which also means that the most of the customer journeys end to the rejection.

When using Rahoo Platform, you can easily partner with other financial services and broker your rejected applications to other companies. You can also use the partnerships to build your own financing syndicate.

Increase your revenue
Provide better user experience
Fully GDPR compliant process

Why Rahoo is the best platform for brokering applications

We honestly think that Rahoo is best platform for brokering applications.

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High user experience

Rahoo's brokering engine offers an outstanding and seamless user experience.

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Fully GDPR compliant

Rahoo's brokering process is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring high data security.

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Pre-built integrations

Benefit Rahoo's pre-build integrations with banks and financing companies.

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Manage your partners

Decide which financing partners you want to work with. Add your own partners.

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Benefit partner portal

You can broker applications to your own partners and benefit financing partner portal.

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Decide your commissions

You are free to decide your own commission levels with your own financing partners.

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Easily start brokering your applications

Leveraging the Rahoo Platform in your brokering not only yields superior results but also enhances data collection and security.

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Have a meeting with us

Book a meeting with our specialists and share us your goals. We'll come up with the solution that fits you best.

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We setup everything ready for you

Our team setups your solutions ready, so that you can immediately start building your own partner ecosystem.