Digital on-boarding
and applying

Boost your user experience and receive more applications.

Improve your user experience and conversion rate

Customers expect perfect user experience every time they use digital services, and applying for financing products is no different.

Using Rahoo you can easily streamline your existing application processes or launch new application processes. Rahoo empowers you to include all the necessary integrations, such as credit scoring integrations in your application process.

Streamlined on-boarding and applying
CRM to manage your customers
Unlimited integrations

Why Rahoo is the best platform for improving your on-boarding

We understand your needs. That's why Rahoo is made by FinTech professionals to other FinTech professionals.

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High conversion rate

Rahoo's embeddable application processes are high-converting in every situation.

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Application management

Rahoo includes a CRM to easily manage your applications in real-time.

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Offer sending

You can use Rahoo to send offers to your customers automatically or manually.

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You can customize your application process to suit your products and use-cases.

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Data sources

Use Rahoo to connect any KYC/AML or credit check data sources to your process.

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Integration capability

Rahoo integrates with your own systems, meaning you don't have to change a thing.

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Improving user experience is essential

Building your own high-converting application process gets easier when you start using Rahoo Platform. Rahoo offers a variety of features that are tailor-made purely for the needs of financing industry.

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Have a meeting with us

Book a meeting with our specialists and share us your goals. We'll come up with the solution that fits you best.

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We setup everything ready for you

Our team setups your solutions ready, so that you can immediately start building your own partner ecosystem.