Rahoo for Banking

Uplift your customer experience and customer acquisition.

Start providing banking as a service

The future of banking is embedded. Imagine your banking products, such as account sign-up, lending and investing seamlessly embedded within other services.

With the Rahoo Platform you are part of the feature. Start launching your banking as a service products without any coding required.

Unlock new customer acquisition channels
Streamline your existing partnerships
Discover unlimited growth opportunities

Why Rahoo is the best platform for all banks

An all-in-one platform for increasing sales.

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New sales channels

Discover new sales channels or streamline your existing partnerships.

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Less IT resources

Launch high-converting partnerships without any coding required.

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Less marketing spend

Discovering new partnerships helps you to reduce your marketing costs.

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Better user experience

Using Rahoo improves user experience and ensures high conversion-rate.

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Higher security standards

Data collected through Rahoo's solutions is highly secured and encrypted.

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New revenue streams

Partner also with other financial services and discover new revenue streams.

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Learn how Rahoo can improve your business

Leveraging the Rahoo Platform in banking not only yields superior results but also enhances data collection and security.

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Have a meeting with us

Book a meeting with our specialists and share us your goals. We'll come up with the solution that fits you best.

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We setup everything ready for you

Our team setups your solutions ready, so that you can immediately start building your own partner ecosystem.