Embedded Finance

Embedded Finance helps you to meet
your customers where they are

Embedded finance empowers you to place your appication process anywhere and to receive more customers.

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Application processes

Create your own application processes, which can be easily embedded anywhere by you and your partners.

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Launch unique partnerships instantly with the Rahoo API. Connect all your traffic sources into your Rahoo Platform.

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Landing pages

Automatically build custom landing pages with unique URLs. Empower your partners or sales team to work more efficiently.

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Unique layouts

Choose the best possible layout for your application process. Customize everything and make changes in real-time.

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Support for all products

Build separate application processes for all your financing products or place all your products in one process.

Automatic Payments - Starthub X Webflow Template

No coding required

Save on resources and skip the long development cycle. Launch embedded finance solutions instantly.

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