Real-time view to your applications and customers.

Manage your customers and applications with ease

Rahoo CRM gives you real-time view to the applications you receive from your application processes and partner ecosystem. Enjoy real-time statistics about your applications and customers and send offers to your customers.

Using Rahoo CRM is optional, as you can also receive all your applications directly into your own system using our integrations.

Real-time view into your sales funnel
Comprehensive statistics to measure your performance
Connect Rahoo CRM with any other system you like

Key features

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Review applications

Access your application data collected from all your application processes.

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Send offers

Easily send offers to your customers or partners choosing the method you prefer.

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Access real-time reports

Benefit real-time reports about your application volumes from each source.

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Measure your sales funnel

Measure your sales funnel performance with multiple important metrics.

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See abandoned customers

Benefit data about the customers who have abandoned your application process.

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Easily build integrations

Integrate Rahoo CRM with any other CRM, communication or marketing tool you like.

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