Brokering engine

Built for partnering with other financial services.

Easily partner with other financial services

Partnering with other financial services can be beneficial if you are planning to increase customer satisfaction by offering financing alternatives to your rejected customers, or if you are planning to build a financing syndicate.

When using Rahoo's brokering engine, you can forward applications to Rahoo ecosystem lenders, or add your own financing partners.

Fully GDPR compliant brokering process
Provide better customer experience
Increase your revenue

Key features

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Pre-built integrations

Benefit Rahoo ecosystem lenders, whom you can forward applications to.

Crypto Supported - Starthub X Webflow Template

Add your own partners

Add your own financing partners and broker applications via API or Rahoo Platform.

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GDPR compliant

Fully GDPR compliant process asks always customers' permission for data sharing.

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