Automatic Offers

Send offers automatically

Send offers instantly and win more deals.

Mobile App - Starthub X Webflow Template

Offer templates

Build multiple offer templates for your products. Collect the needed data through smart forms or integrations. See all your data in one place easily.

Crypto Supported - Starthub X Webflow Template

Pre-set criteria

Create offer templates to be used in manual or automated offers. Send offers faster and keep your customers happy.

256-bit Security - Starthub X Webflow Template

Offer communication

Create automatic offer flows utilizing your offer templates. Send offers automaticall based on your criterions.

World-class Support - Starthub X Webflow Template

Dealflow tracking

Communicate automatically about the new offers via email, SMS or push notifications. You can remind also about abandoned carts.

Expense Reports - Starthub X Webflow Template

Customizable flow

Provide your customers and unique link to review and approve your offer. Customers can be redirected into your existing flow.

Automatic Payments - Starthub X Webflow Template

Offers API

Build the flow of your dreams. Keep your existing credit scoring and contract approval processes as you wish.

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